Third Group of Early-Stage Entrepreneurs Wraps Up

idea pitch

The five-week program for our third group of early-stage entrepreneurs wraps up this Saturday, November 13, with an idea pitch. A review panel of startup experts will determine the top two winners of the idea pitch competition.

The top two winners will receive incentives, including market research consulting support and a speaking opportunity at Santa Fe’s Kick-Ass Entrepreneurs

You can register to attend the idea pitch here

We are very impressed with this third group of early-stage entrepreneurs. We worked with 20 entrepreneurs and 17 diverse ideas. Each entrepreneur did the work necessary to understand actual customer problems and validated them with early adopter customers.

They dove into the program components that included Saturday workshops, mentoring sessions, customer interviews, online videos, readings, and templates to support their work efforts. 

They used tools, such as the Lean Canvas, a one-page business plan template that helps you deconstruct your idea into its key assumptions. They understood that our early-stage program is designed to reach problem-solution fit or evidence that a product or service solves a customer’s problem.

The program was time intensive, but we believe their commitment will be rewarded by solving customer problems while developing a business model that supports their business ideas.

We look forward to working with these entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses as part of New Mexico’s startup ecosystem.

Kent Nutt

About Kent Nutt

Kent is a marketing and communications entrepreneur in high-tech and nonprofit industries. He’s a strategic thinker and hands-on implementer with experience building end-to-end, transformative marketing and communications programs for startups, Fortune 500 companies, growing nonprofits, and academia. Sectors included telecommunications, 3D printing, network software, semiconductors, web analytics, and scientific research.