A Santa Fe business accelerator for tech and solution-oriented startups with a vision for social good.


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Our Approach

Who is a social entrepreneur?

Solve a social


bottom line


Businesses pursued and gained certain civil rights. With these rights, social entrepreneurs recognize their responsibility in being good citizens through their business. Certain social entrepreneurs solve a social problem in a for-profit way. Other social entrepreneurs pursue a balance of environmental and business performance, delivering transparency and accountability in their growth and purpose.

Santa Fe Innovates embraces different types of social entrepreneurs who are ready to start and scale their businesses. The bottom line: We want to encourage, guide, challenge, and support startups who pursue revenue growth and profit while respecting and supporting their stakeholder community.

Social entrepreneurship is about positive impact and ethical results.

Today, organizations understand the value of their relationships with their team members, customers, partners, and communities, along with their impact on society – transforming them from business enterprises into social enterprises. Technological advances from artificial intelligence to healthcare demand entrepreneurs with a social impact mindset and ethical leadership.

56% trust in business to do it right

55% of consumers will pay extra for products with a positive social impact

1/3 of startups globally have social good as their core mission

Generational priorities are
emboldening entrepreneurial mindsets.

Gen Z

41% plan to become entrepreneurs and almost half believe they'll invent something that changes the world


86% believe business success should be measured in terms of more than just financial performance

Gen X

45 years old is the average founder’s age of the fastest- growing tech startups

Generations are joining forces to launch products with an inspired mission and direction. The discipline of financial performance is combined with the heart and spirit of making a difference in their communities and within their organizational cultures. Starting with a motivating “why” accelerates the practical “how” of launching a startup successfully.

Scalable ideas are encouraged and welcomed.

Focus is important in any entrepreneurial venture, including ours. Santa Fe Innovate’s primary attention will be to support startups in the technology sector. Whether data science, healthcare, or cleantech, Santa Fe has an emerging presence of companies in these areas (e.g., Descartes Labs, Flow Science, Falling Colors, Pebble Labs). Building upon the expertise and presence of these companies can help grow other companies.

An added focus is on scalable products. While broader in scope, Santa Fe Innovates understands how technology enables many startups to disrupt, create, and grow. Entrepreneurs who have a product idea with plans to grow the company to 25+ team members will be welcomed and supported in our community.

Santa Fe inspires entrepreneurs and builds diligent and passionate teams.

Few places on earth have the history and cultural diversity of Santa Fe. Native American culture has existed in the state for more than 2,500 years. Coupled with tradition, we are well-known for art, opera, cuisine, and year- round sports.

An emerging tech community is unfolding rapidly, focused on data science, healthcare, and cleantech. Examples include Descartes Labs, Flow Science, Pebble Labs, and Falling Colors. New Mexico has a supportive environment for technology commercialization with two national laboratories, three research universities, and many nonprofit research institutions.

The natural beauty and outdoor adventures are evident from Ski Santa Fe to the Taos Skill Valley, from Sandia Peak to Hyde State Park, from Chaco Canyon to Bandelier National Monument, and this is just a start. From our natural beauty, creativity springs with companies like Meow Wolf leading the way.

For entrepreneurs, Santa Fe and New Mexico provide the right mix to launch, refresh, and scale a new venture for profit and purpose!