Program Requirements: Early-Stage Momentum program

It starts with an idea – but being an entrepreneur takes work. In the early startup stage, you may be wondering if you are solving the right problem and if you have the right solution. As you work through these two dimensions, you also need to determine if a reasonable business model can support your idea. 

We provide you with the tools and processes that will help you systematically answer these three pivotal questions and explore, iterate, and validate your idea.

For our early-stage program to be successful, we require that you complete the program activities and requirements as described below.

Program Requirements

  • Each Saturday will be structured with a 90-minute workshop.
  • After a break, each entrepreneur will be paired with a mentor for 30-45 minutes.
  • It is a requirement to attend each Saturday workshop and mentoring session.
  • During each week, online videos, readings, and templates will continue to support your work to understand, validate, and iterate. You are required to watch the videos and do the work on our online platform.
  • Each week you are required to update your mentors and our team on your progress and ask questions about the challenges you face. We want to learn what you are learning, and sharing is how we all improve.

The schedule is outlined below:

Week 1

  • Introduce members and discuss logistics
  • Understand the role of strategic narrative to develop, position, and sell your idea.
  • Understand Lean(er) Canvas
  • Leanstack Platform – Foundations
  • Required/suggested readings

First Saturday Workshop

  • Welcome
  • Storytelling: Strategic Narrative`
  • Lean(er) canvas focus: Tuning your idea

Week 2, October 18-23

  • Complete Lean(er) Canvas
  • Identify early adopters
  • Refine the problem to be solved (the job to be done).
  • Work on complete Lean Canvas
  • Leanstack Platform – Foundations
  • Required/suggested readings

Second Saturday Workshop

  • Discuss your work on the Lean(er) Canvas and the complete Lean Canvas. 
  • Jobs To Be Done
  • Lean(er) Canvas Diagnostics
  • Mentoring & Coaching

Week 3

  • Listen to early adopters – job to be done (problem refinement), solution refinement.
  • Iterate (refine) your Lean Canvas.
  • Identify market size.
  • Leanstack Platform – Business Model Design

Third Saturday Workshop

  • Discuss your work from the previous two weeks
  • Customer Factory Model: Visualizing Your Business Model Logic
  • A quick check on feasibility
  • Idea pitch Template
  • Mentoring & Coaching

Week 4

  • Iterate (refine) your Lean Canvas.
  • Solidify market size.
  • Continue to validate through early adopter conversations.
  • Draft your initial idea pitch presentation.
  • Leanstack Platform – Business Model Design
  • Required readings

Fourth Saturday Workshop

  • Why & How Social Impact?
  • Lean Canvas Check-in
  • Mentoring & Coaching

Week 5

  • Prepare idea pitch
  • Practice idea pitch
  • Prepare for questions
  • Required readings

Saturday Idea Pitch!

Pitch your idea to a panel of judges and our community!

Kent Nutt

About Kent Nutt

Kent is a marketing and communications entrepreneur in high-tech and nonprofit industries. He’s a strategic thinker and hands-on implementer with experience building end-to-end, transformative marketing and communications programs for startups, Fortune 500 companies, growing nonprofits, and academia. Sectors included telecommunications, 3D printing, network software, semiconductors, web analytics, and scientific research.