In our effort to build a collaborative community of next-generation social entrepreneurs and startups, we invite prospective sponsors and mentors to contact us regarding their interest in partnering with our business accelerator program.

Our Sponsors

City of Santa Fe Logo

City of Santa Fe - Economic Development Department

The mission of the Office of Economic Development to achieve long-term sustainable and focused economic growth by building a diverse, innovative economy with high-wage, high impact jobs that provide opportunity and prosperity for the City's residents, businesses and entrepreneurs.
Richard Feynman Center Logo

Richard P. Feynman Center for Innovation

At Los Alamos, the Richard P. Feynman Center for Innovation (FCI) sustains a culture that revolves around converting new ideas into solutions. We facilitate this conversion by aligning Laboratory capabilities with industry’s challenges and with our country’s need to protect against threats.
New Mexico Economic Development Logo

New Mexico Economic Development Department - Office of Science & Technology

The Office of Science and Technology (OST) was created to connect New Mexico’s innovation infrastructure to the commercial market. The OST strives to lead and execute programs that encourage and enable the start-up, growth and relocation of technology based industries in and to New Mexico by focusing on growing and diversifying existing technology companies, rapidly commercializing technologies, and promoting research and development in emerging technologies.

Communication Partners

“Alone, we can do so
little; together, we
can do so much.” ~ Helen Keller


Our sponsorships are open to collaboration. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas. As a starting point, we offer two sponsorships at the following levels:




  • Company name and logo or individual listing on web page and emails
  • Link from
  • Special Invitation to the Santa Fe Innovates cohort kick-off event and the demo/pitch day
  • Two tickets to special events
  • Invitation to Collaborator networking events and receptions (up to 5)
  • Five tickets to special events
  • Invitation to 2-3 Collaborator meetings, gaining updates and providing input into program and community


  • Emails and shares to their community about Santa Fe Innovates events and opportunities
  • Invites participation as appropriate to be mentors, investors, etc.
  • Provides feedback and insights to the Santa Fe Innovates team and community
  • Shares the mission and programs of Santa Fe Innovates with networks
  • Attends Santa Fe Innovates events

Social Innovator



  • All benefits of Collaborator
  • Special recognition at events and with cohort participants
  • One-on-one consultation with the founder and team of Santa Fe Innovates to discuss the best strategies for mutual assistance. The sponsor strategy meeting addresses:
    • Who are you trying to align with, and on what basis?
    • What can an association with Santa Fe Innovates bring to your brand/lines of business and recruiting efforts?
    • What impact are you hoping to have on your target market? Are you interested in transitioning towards a more sustainable business model?
  • Additionally, a special invitation to meet guest speakers in a hosted social and conversation


  • All Collaborator responsibilities
  • Higher engagement in the development and implementation of the accelerator program

Join Us

Please email Jon with your interests and ideas.