Seeking Qualified Mentors for Entrepreneurs

Mentoring entrepreneurs takes on different elements in the relationship. Listening, helping, challenging, and guiding make it meaningful for both the mentor and the entrepreneur. Likewise, connecting with industry contacts and experts helps through each stage of growth. In a virtual community, mentoring happens locally and outside of New Mexico with a clear goal of assisting entrepreneurs here to gain a solid start.

entrepreneur mentors santa fe

We are seeking mentors who have led startups, served in executive and director roles at startups, and helped startups make connections and gain investments. The different opportunities include:

  • Connector – a willingness to help entrepreneurs connect with industry expertise
  • Coach – work with early-stage entrepreneurs, asking questions to challenge and guide
  • Mentor – serve as a sounding board for strategy and direction, using experience to support and assist
  • Investor – potentially investing or being a board member in a new venture

We are seeking qualified mentors with expertise in a wide range of technology and other sectors. Whether you:

  • Live in Santa Fe or New Mexico
  • Visit Santa Fe during the year and love our art and outdoor adventures
  • Want to support a new entrepreneurial community
  • Or, plan to move to Santa Fe and want to get involved in our community now

We need your expertise and experience — no matter where you live. Join us now!

As we get ready to launch our accelerator program later this summer, we will have a process to match you with the entrepreneurs that are best for you and the entrepreneur’s needs. We also establish clear expectations around commitment levels to ensure both parties have a successful relationship.

Would you like to mentor at the Santa Fe Innovates Startup Accelerator?  

Please join us by creating a profile and joining our emerging entrepreneurial community in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico!

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