Part 1: Start with Ideation

This module focuses on helping you develop the foundation of your business. Here, you're determining the feasibility, desirability, and viability of your product using tools we provide.

Length: up to 6 weeks

Part 2: Strengthen through Acceleration

Qualified participants who have successfully gone through the Ideation portion will work on continuing to develop their business models, build and apply impact models, and continue to work on their solutions.

Length: Variable; 3+ months

Our Program

The program is based on the underlying foundation of lean startup principles, with the addition of social enterprise and leadership fundamentals. The accelerator program will be delivered virtually with in-person meetings as allowed, using an entrepreneur-tested online platform and an engaged virtual community.

The program is structured with three key stages and includes two milestones that must be met for entrepreneurs to continue to the next level. The program design narrows the cohort as members progress through the steps.

Santa Fe Innovates program stages graphic

+ Lean + Impact
= Social Entrepreneur


Mentors are talented and experienced entrepreneurs. They work with startups without expectation of reward or compensation, share their knowledge and guidance freely, and will open their networks when appropriate.

Mentors with appropriate backgrounds and industries will be assigned to work with each startup. Mentoring is a balancing act between providing specific subject matter expertise and challenging startups to see their work from different perspectives. And the professional backgrounds and experiences of the entrepreneurs also impact what type of mentoring will be most effective for them.

Mentoring is a mutual learning partnership. Just as the entrepreneurs need to listen, the mentors and coaches will too. Ultimately, an excellent mentoring collaboration will enhance your critical thinking and risk navigation skills.

If you would like to be a coach or mentor in our community, please sign up! Virtual mentors are encouraged, so no matter where you are, your startup experience is welcome in our community. Please ask members of your network to join too!