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Since COVID-19 has affected us, not only as a nation but as a human race, this week’s theme of community seems fitting. During this long span of isolation and quarantine, many of us have found ourselves further from our respective communities than ever before but needing them most.

The result of a healthy community creates a feeling of fellowship with others. This results in a sharing of common attitudes, interests, and goals. Being a part of a community allows us to support, interact, and share our experiences and struggles with one another. Having an open relationship with others is what builds valuable relationships and gives us a deeper sense of belonging.

social entrepreneur community

Here at Santa Fe Innovates, we are cultivating a community based on a shared mission to build and grow socially responsible and profitable startup businesses. As times are changing at an incredibly fast rate, it is now important to consumers that they are spending their money with businesses that are contributing to society. For this reason, Santa Fe Innovates’ mission incorporates encouraging all entrepreneurs to build their business as a force for good.

Santa Fe Innovates wants to offer you two brand new communities. The first is an online community built for entrepreneurs around the world called Go Social Entrepreneurs. Go Social Entrepreneurs is a neighborhood platform for those individuals wanting to do good, who have a passion to solve social problems, and want to connect with others who feel the same way.

The second community that is launching this month is the Santa Fe Innovates business accelerator program. The first cohort of the business accelerator program will be virtual. While this is not what we originally had hoped for, going virtual does have many positives. We are very excited that Go Social Entrepreneurs has been successful in its early stages, and we want YOU to be a part of a growing community! Please join us in the early stages of what seems to be two thriving communities.

Who are our communities for?

If you have the drive to start and scale a business, then our business accelerator program could be the right fit for you. What if you don’t have a business idea, but you do have the drive to help solve some of the world’s pressing problems?  We recommend you take a look at and start exchanging experiences, questions, and ideas with like-minded people such as yourself!

What are the advantages of a virtual community?

At Santa Fe Innovates, our long-term mission is to have a hybrid community – virtual and in-person. An added element is to sustain and grow both over time. Probably the biggest advantage of an engaging virtual community is the potential to attract talent from across New Mexico as well as from outside our state. Santa Fe Innovates wants to gain the expertise and experiences of social entrepreneurs both from within New Mexico and from without. We would love to support entrepreneurs in other places, too. An inside-out, outside-in community will create a more robust entrepreneurial presence within New Mexico and position us as an activator of social entrepreneurs everywhere. A big mission, we know, but big missions are what creates opportunity!

Why should you join our social entrepreneur community?

Whatever your business ideas may be, no matter how ambitious or small, ideas need a plan to work and plans need action. Santa Fe Innovates helps you develop the right plan for you and your business, but you must take action. Take action to reach out to us, sign up, and be a part of a community that is bigger than any business.

Alex Ennis

About Alex Ennis

Alex Ennis is the digital marketing manager for Santa Fe Innovates. He is a graduate from the University of New Mexico’s Anderson School of Management. Alex is interested in the concept of a brand’s image and how businesses build successful brands.