Acceleration Program and Community Is Now Open!

We are re-launching our social entrepreneur accelerator program and community! For those who may remember, we were all set to evaluate applications and start our program in May. We were not ready for a pandemic, and we could not meet in person. We also were not prepared to go virtual. Like any startup, we evaluated our new situation and found a new path forward. Today, we are on a new track – stronger and ready to support social entrepreneurs who are ready to move their ideas forward!

Ideation and Acceleration Program Fundamentals

Rather than go through what is different, let’s highlight the key elements of the new program and community. Several key points:

acceleration and community
  • Neighborhood: We have launched a virtual community called Go Social Entrepreneurs. While we cannot meet in person right now, we can be supportive of neighbors virtually. Go Social Entrepreneurs is a place to ask questions, highlight challenges, and support each other through each program stage. We also will share relevant articles, and we will be engaging a broader social entrepreneur community. Our goal is to create a vibrant neighborhood of social entrepreneurs, mentors, connectors, and investors within New Mexico and around the world. We will gain so much from diverse neighbors. You can join now!
  • Ideation: Our program begins with your idea. There is no lengthy application and evaluation. Just complete a simple form, and on August 10, you can access our platform to begin work. The evaluation process is through the work you do to bring your idea to life. In mid-September, we will have an idea pitch virtual event, and those with viable ideas and initial business models will be voted to the next stage.
  • Acceleration: After the Ideation stage, entrepreneurs will begin to shift from Customer-Problem Fit to Problem-Solution Fit. Detailed training modules, supportive coaches, and an engaging community will help you, and you also will be helping each other. After about three months, we will have a second pitch event, which will lead to the final five weeks of the program. The last stage will focus on developing a business plan and a social impact model, along with essential leadership skills and organizational culture elements. Growing a business takes strategy and good people doing the right things. Our program will help each while getting ready for the final pitch to potential investors.
  • Self-Paced and Instructor-Guided: Our program is a mix of being self-directed through video-based instruction and models to be completed and our special guest speakers and instructors delivering practical insights on marketing, sales, social impact, and much more. Our program will provide the depth and pace needed for you to launch your company with strength and skill. A benefit of our program is your critical thinking and leadership talents will be enhanced, ready to take on whatever comes your way.
  • Criteria to Join: We want social entrepreneurs who plan to build their company in New Mexico. While you do not have to live in New Mexico to begin, you need to have a strong desire and plan to move your venture. Ideation will be open to all ideas, but the subsequent stages will be companies with a model to scale in team members and market share.
  • Experienced Mentors: We have worked to develop a mentor database of individuals with startup and industry experience. Some mentors are local, and others are virtual. In today’s networks, a mix of both delivers added value to new entrepreneurs. In stages 2 and 3, our mentor network will be leveraged to help you when needed and through the program.

Please read through our program overview and stages to learn more. We will be hosting an information session, and we are ready to answer your questions. Are you ready to explore and convert your idea into a business with an impact? If you are, then join our program and community!

Our Work Together for Profit and Impact

The value of our program will be achieved by everyone doing the work entirely and thoughtfully. Equally important will be working together to challenge each other. Every launched startup will face obstacles, so we need to be ready with as much foresight as possible and useful models to guide us forward.

Tough economic times test us. However, it also is time to launch your startup. Startups bring their own set of challenges, but they also deliver freedom and responsibility to build a company for positive and meaningful impact – internally and externally.

Our re-launch energizes us, and we hope you will be too! Success will take hard work, mutual understanding, and honest collaboration. We’re ready to step up, and we are looking for entrepreneurs who are ready to do the same. We know your ideas are waiting to be brought to life. Let’s begin together.

Next Steps: It’s Time to Start

Highlighted are your next steps:

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